I am thrilled with my new book CITRUS. Brilliantly thought up with Victoria Pearson with our favorite recipes to celebrate all thing citrus. We shot it in Victoria's gorgeous studio nestled in the orange groves of Ojai where she brought the whole book to life with her amazing photography. The book is studded with delicious , unique and easy recipes all devoted to citrus.

Take a look at the Winter edition of Sweet Paul Magazine I collaborated with photographer Staci Valentine to create a story about cooking with dried hibiscus flowers.. Dark and decadent recipes, perfect for the winter months and the holiday season.

Check out The Crate & Barrel blog and watch the fantastic videos that were shot By the Barkers. How to set your holiday tables and celebrate in style with all the great things you can pick up at their stores. I partnered with them and styled the food for the videos. The recipes are up on the blog so take a look and make some great things for the festive season.